Høyskoler i Kasakhstan

Beste studieprogrammer Universiteter, skoler og høyskoler i Kasakhstan 2018/2019

Universiteter for bachelor grader i Kasakhstan. Finne all informasjon om skoler som tilbyr ungkarer grader%% COUNTRY_ARTICLE%% Kasakhstan her.

8 Resultater i Kasakhstan

Almaty Management University

Kasakhstan Almaty September 2019

School of Engineering Management (SEM) is the first school of the international level in the field of engineering, the purpose of which is to train specialists in the field of IT, engineering and Big Data with managerial competences.

Нархоз Университет

Kasakhstan Almaty September 2019

Только у нас полувековой опыт обучения высококлассных специалистов успешно сочетается с современными и инновационными методами преподавания.

Zoe Talent Solutions

Singapore De forente arabiske emirater Dubai Kasakhstan Almaty Malaysia Kuala Lumpur India Mumbai Maldivene Maldives Online Ghana Accra Egypt Cairo Sør-Afrika Cape Town Kenya Nairobi Nederland Amsterdam Hellas Athens Slovakia Bratislava Ungarn Budapest Sveits Geneva Tyrkia Istanbul Det forente kongerike Storbritannia og Nord-Irland London Portugal Lisbon Manchester Frankrike Paris Tsjekkia Prague Østerrike Vienna Abu Dhabi Jordan Amman Qatar Doha Saudi-Arabia Riyadh USA Houston Canada Toronto August 2019 + 48 fler

ZOE Talent Solutions is a global training and consulting firm that has been serving leading businesses in many countries. We specialise in capacity building and talent development solutions for individuals and organisations, through our highly customised courses and training sessions, in a wide array of disciplines.

EMAS Eurasian Management & Administration School

Russland Moscow Nizhny Novgorod Russia Online Ukraina Kyiv Hviterussland Minsk Kasakhstan Almaty September 2019 + 5 fler

Eurasian Management and Administration School (EMAS Business School) is one of the leading business schools, the expert in strategic management and MBA programs in Europe, Russia and CIS countries.

KIMEP University

LLM LLB Kasakhstan Almaty September 2019

Open and honest communication together with transparent and accountable decision making are among the core values of KIMEP University, while participation of students, faculty, staff and outside stakeholders is one of the core principles in the management and governance of the University.

Morgan International

Libanon Beirut Jordan Amman Qatar Doha Saudi-Arabia Dammam Jeddah Riyadh Kuwait Kuwait City Egypt Cairo Bahrain Manama De forente arabiske emirater Abu Dhabi Dubai Al Ain Canada Montreal Toronto Vancouver India Bengaluru Chennai New Delhi Pune Hyderabad Frankrike Paris Tyskland Frankfurt Sveits Geneva Russland Moscow Ukraina Kyiv Kasakhstan Almaty Mississauga Alexandria October 2018 + 39 fler

In today’s competitive work environment, how can you easily secure all of your ambitions? How can you realize your most coveted career goals, leave your mark on the world and become the most successful version of yourself? The answer is simple: Professional Training.

Suleyman Demirel University - Kazakhstan

Kasakhstan Almaty September 2019

The University aims to develop and pursue its programs in a manner to ensure that eligible students who desire to develop and expand their scholastic skills for personal, occupational, or professional growth have the opportunity to do so regardless of socio-economic status.

International Academy of Business

Kasakhstan Almaty September 2019

International Academy of Business was launched on the basis of Almaty School of Management founded in 1988 and transformed in accordance with the Regulation of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan #1387 as of November 14, 1996 into IAB.