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Juris Doctor-programmer Juris Doctor-programmer er utviklet for studenter som er villige til å ha en karriere som advokater, advokater, rådgivere eller andre juridiske profesjoner. Juris Doctor-programmene er mange og tilgjengelige i praktisk talt alle land. Du kan studere en Juris Doctor ved en rekke jusskoler og universiteter, og du kan kombinere den med en annen grad som en MBA eller en PhD Variasjonen av forskjellige Juris Doctor-programmer kan være overveldende - ikke la det stoppe deg! Start søket ved å se på de mest populære Juris Doctor-programmene som er oppført nedenfor.

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    21. okt. 2022

    Space law might sound like the stuff of science fiction, but it’s a very real field -- one which promises to be increasingly important moving forward. Here’s a closer look at what all law students should know about this up and coming area of practice.

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    21. okt. 2022

    It’s hardly surprising that law schools are seeing an increase in applicants, especially over the last few years. With more time on their hands due to the COVID-19 shutdowns, as well as the political unrest in many parts of the world, more students are considering a change in career or further education into law. Recently, “The Law School Admission Council (LSAC) released statistics revealing a 35% increase in applicants and a 56% rise in total applications over last year.” Therefore, if you got into law school, you’re likely to be amongst the good company of people who want their spot there. Being prepared to study like a law student will help you find success during school, and after you graduate.

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